Sunday, September 24, 2006

6 Ways to make people's life better worldwide

I have been thinking for a while how user generated content sites like Digg, Flickr, Wikipedia and others can be used for people's benefit. This is my list of ideas how we can bring more transparency and accountability in our day to day life engagement.

1. Combination of Wikipedia and Digg style rating system for government offices.
People (users) can come and post their experiences with with photos (taken from mobile phones or others). This has the potential to be a successful venture in places like India, Brazil, Italy, Russia, where corruption and non transparency is very high.

2. Digg style rating site for hospitals.
Its mash up with Google maps and Flickr will provide missing details.

3. Digg style rating site for schools and universities.
Mash ups of Google maps and Flickr will add more value in it.

4. Digg style rating site for TV channels, magazines, newspapers and books.

5. Digg style rating site for aviation and transport industry.
Like rating for airlines and their flights, trains, buses and their routes.
Its mash up with Flickr and Google maps will be a plus.

6. Digg style rating site for restaurants, hotels, motels.
Its mash up with Flickr and Google maps will be a plus.

If there are any other ideas please post them in comments and i will add to
this list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal

These are awesome ideas
I like the hospital and hotel ideas the best. They could even be in one. See if you can create a mashup with There are lots of Indian locations already filled out there.


Anonymous said...

Your idea about schools and hospital ratings seems good. Why don't you start.

ravi said...

Hi Vishal.
It is a very interesting project. I think your project holds lots of promise.

You could also add digg style rating for tourist spots in and around the country.

Also a rating for various cities with points given for transportation facilities, cleanliness, climate , cost of living and so on could also be considered.