I have been thinking of writing a book for some time. Currently, bouncing off and exploring 2 Topics.

  • Topic - 1: Sales and Advisory in a Digitally Connected World. 
    • Why
      • This is my prime area of interest as I have been exploring further on Sales Management, Leadership and Advisory. My learning's from Digital Transformation work is helping me to merge these two. 

While I'm exploring this topic to crystallise my thought process. In the mean time I'll keep writing about insights and ideas which interests me here on this blog. This will give me enough fodder to work upon.

Update: More work on Sales Advisory here, here and below

  • Topic - 2: How Digital Transformation is Redefining Industries.
    • Why
      • Digital transformation is a fundamental shift in business, because digital technologies (in function) are front-office, customer-facing, and demand-generating instead of demand fulfillment or in other words generates revenue instead of a cost center. (via They're the business's brand. Digital demands move at the pace of the market, competition, and customer expectations rather than the upgrade cycles of IT vendors.
      • Ubiquity of internet has led to Digital Transformation across vertical industries and merging the gap between physical and digital world.
      • Digital Transformation is driving fundamental shift in Business Model. This shift has led to deep impact on organisations operation, structure and, their culture.
      • Owning the digital ecosystem (like app stores) has become a vital channel for customer engagement, retention and revenue generation.
      • App Store led Commerce and Services in digital world is increasing in double digits (yoy).
      • Emergence of Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin has redefined how customers are engaged in a digital world. Customers used these as a learning, sharing and collaborating platform.
      • Emergence of Smart Mobile Device(incl. Tablets) with superior and engaging UX has led customers to use this as a preferred platform for commerce and service consumption.
      • Emergence of GPS enabled devices have allowed localised targeting of services.
      • Convergence of SO, LO, MO is driving digital disruption across every industry.
      • Low barrier to entry is driving constant innovation.
This is an area of enormous interest, so will write few posts on these. Scope of this exploratory work can be read here. More work on this topic is here .