Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Report - Sensis and the Australian Search and Directories Market

I have undertaken this report to explore, learn and analyse the local online search and directories market to understand the developments that are taking place in this area. There are more than 18 players, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations trying to get some share of this market.

The main focus of this report is on Sensis and its competitors and how it can reinvent itself in a rapidly changing local market.

I would like to thank Mark Rimmer from Rave About It and Meg Tsiamis from dLook for providing lot of invaluable information, insights and help while preparing this report. Read it here or download it from here


Anonymous said...

/me wonders how these 'start-ups' got their listings.

especially in Australia where there is no such thing as free content.

Anonymous said...

Very good job , keep it up,
please write on topics like Ideas,
writing business plans, funding,
specially for KPO, LPO which will be India centric, careting to the foreign customers.
With Warm Regards