Difference Between Fire and Water Type Seller

Fire Seller 

Fire signifies charisma & brilliance it removes the darkness by brightening our surroundings. Similarly, #sellers with charisma & brilliance attract others & enlighten them with their brilliance & action. They are persuasive & convince others easily with their thoughts and vision. These #Sellers love to have an audience, like how Fire brings people together during the evenings in winter. They attract buyers with their charisma and energy. They prefer to use an audience to position their offering #Sales #salestips #B2B #product #marketing 

Water Seller

Water has depth, like an ocean or a silent river. When water starts flowing from the mountain top, it has purity, crystal clear visibility, and is drinkable. The sound of flowing water mesmerises everyone, which implies that these #sellers are honest and pure at heart. Besides, watery #sellers think at a very deep and philosophical level, pay attention to detail, and have a sweet voice that captures other people's attention. Among the five elements, Water is the least mobile after Earth because it prefers a horizontal position. Therefore, these #sellers like to lie down on the couch or bed, speak and walk slowly, and take a lot of time to act. They are best described as a turtle in action (slow-moving). #B2B #Sales #salestips #product #marketing

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