Tips on B2B Sales

Sharing some tips on B2B Sales from my upcoming book - Sellers from Mars and Buyers from Venus

  • Emotional people are not best suited for #sales. They are better suited for HR roles. More on this in my upcoming book on #B2B #Sales 
  • A buyer who speaks sweetly listens calmly with patience, constantly observe the opposite side, pays attention to detail & use empathy to impress upon & don't like to take control, they are primarily price takers in negotiations. #B2B #Sales 
  • A buyer which is agile with a short attention span and lives in the present state and has polished behaviour and style, prefers short term engagements, positioning a long team deal is futile. Positioning a high margin short term deal will be a winner. #Sales #B2B
  • Buyers which are good at building and maintaining relationships with friends & family members are collaborative and gel with others easily. They prefer bottom-up engagement, their risk appetite is low and the status quo is their mantra. #Sales #B2B
  • Sellers who are data-driven, action-oriented, use strong and action-centric language and bring money into the business. They are best suited for Hunting. #Sales #B2B
  • Sellers who are, well-disciplined but lack patience, speak rapidly with conviction and respond swiftly and timely, employ intellect and style to impress upon will make multiple offers to close a transaction. #B2B #Sales #FunFacts
  • A Sponsoring Executive (Buyers end) who is action-centric, futuristic, data & visual driven, like an audience & connecting with higher authorities will reach out to innovative & agile suppliers, or internal teams for selling the biz. case. RFP is the least preferred. #B2B #Sales
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