Tweets for Book Promotion - Sellers from Mars and Buyer from Venus

Sharing some of the promotional tweets for my upcoming book - Sellers from Mars and Buyers from Venus

  • Emotional people are not best suited for #sales. They are better suited for HR roles. More on this in my upcoming book on #B2B #Sales 
  • A buyer who speaks sweetly listens calmly with patience, constantly observe the opposite side, pays attention to detail & use empathy to impress upon & don't like to take control, they are primarily price takers in negotiations. #B2B #Sales 
  • A buyer being reserved, emotionless, future centric and striving for perfection but has fear of failure will walk away from the deal if the solution offered is not perfect and of the utmost quality. #Sales #B2B 
  • People who respond or communicate at their own pace or are slow and carry a deep voice, are best suited for farming activities in #Sales. More on this in my upcoming book on #B2B #Salesforce People who write an email in bullet points and use action-centric wording brings money to the business. #Sales #B2B 
  • A Leader is paid for courage and vision, not for time and effort #thinking #leader
  • A buyer with visible and big nostrils will be ideal for sellers for closing a high margin sales deal #B2B #Sales #funfacts
  • A buyer who writes short and crisp emails is driven by perfection and the utmost quality and will walk off from the deal if the solution offered is not perfect and robust. #Sales #B2B
  • A seller who looks straight into stakeholders eyes will bring money into the business. #Sales #B2B #FunFacts
  • Sellers who are, well-disciplined but lack patience, speak rapidly with conviction and respond swiftly and timely, employ intellect and style to impress upon will make multiple offers to close a transaction. #B2B #Sales #FunFacts
  • A Sponsoring Executive (Buyers end) who is action-centric, futuristic, data & visual driven, like an audience & connecting with higher authorities will reach out to innovative & agile suppliers, or internal teams for selling the biz. case. RFP is the least preferred. #B2B #Sales
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