B2B Sales Tips - from my new book

 B2B Sales Tips in tweets from my new book - Sellers from Mars and Buyers From Venus - Elements of Nature Meet B2B Sales


Sellers need to anchor their conversation on Price, Risk, and Functionality only when selling to CIOs in Traditional IT (commodity). #Sales #salestips #IT #B2B 

Sellers need to unpack the information asymmetry across different stakeholders at the buyer's end before articulating a value proposition. #Sales #salestips #B2B #marketing 

Sellers need to share commercial insight and educate buyers about it. #Sales #B2B #salestips #B2B #marketing 

B2B Persona Mapping enables sellers in navigating other people's mind. #B2B #Sales #salestips #marketing 

Buyers trap #sellers through the RFP process as it leaves sellers with no BATNA and minimal leverage in negotiations. #sellers #salestips #B2B #marketing 

To sell services in a post COVID and Digital world, building buyers' persona and applying the intelligence is key to success. #Sales #salestips #B2B #marketing 

A fiery Seller brings a vision for the future, agility, excitement, data-driven decision making, whereas a metal Buyer is about boundaries, order, wisdom, logical and emotionless decision making. Fire’s energy movement moves up and seek the limelight, whereas metals movement is inward and non-exuberant. Together, they don't connect at an emotional or physical level. In sales, these two find it hard to start a conversation. Both find each other operating at a different tangent. (2/3)Fire’s agility, rapid speech and disregard for boundaries make a metal native to raise a red flag and a signal to stop and leave the conversation. (3/3) #salestips #Sales #marketing 

A Seller who acts like a broker, open to making concessions through the bargaining mix and fond of discussion, prefers to keep multiple options in hand like a swiss-army knife. #Sales #B2B #Negotiation #marketing #FunFacts #salestips 

Fire requires air as a fuel source to burn & spread; without the supply of air, fire ceases. By governing the speed & supply of air, fire is controlled from being wild to gentle. On the other hand, fire controls the intensity, impatience, & rebellious nature of air by burning it. Show this thread. In sales, when these two transact in a buyer-seller engagement, they act like friends in a symbiotic relationship. Collectively, they can reduce the sales cycle & create new & incremental revenue growth at both ends. Most closed deals will be short term and high margin because both like to wrap up deals swiftly and end up paying more for a service or a product. Airy natives overspend more than fiery natives. #Sales #B2B #salestips #product #marketing 

Buyers who open up in conversations quickly & have no hidden agenda; end up sharing information with the Seller side & makes it difficult for them to leverage the option of BATNA (use an alternative). #Sales #salestips #Negotiation #marketing #product