Mistakes Made in Building a Cloud Strategy

 Mistakes Made in Building a Cloud Strategy

1. Assuming it’s an IT (only) strategy, not involving business 
2. Not having an exit strategy 
3. Combining a cloud strategy with cloud adoption/migration/implementation 
4. “It’s too late — we’re already executing,” redoing everything 
5. Equating a cloud strategy with “we’re moving everything to the cloud” 
6. Our cloud strategy is our data center strategy/it’s “all in” or nothing 
7. Our strategy is by executive mandate 
8. We’re a shop so that’s our cloud strategy/we need a single vendor cloud strategy 
9. Outsourcing your cloud strategy 
10. We are “cloud-first” and that is our strategy

PS: How to map cloud journey and avoid mistakes in execution

Source: Gartner, BCG, Mckinsey


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