Post COVID - FY22 Australian Economy Update


Export to China primarily iron ore is bringing Revenue 3 times what was estimated in the budget (from USD $55/tonne to $200/tonne). 

Once Brazil overcomes labor supply and Chinese mines open for business in Africa, Australia will see the impact.  

While household debt and savings are rising. Frequent and strict lockdown in major cities of Australia means less spending by people.

Australia is still behind other OECD countries when it comes to green energy.

Australian Vaccine rollout is abysmal compared to US, UK, Canada and EZ. This means a conservative approach of the elongated lockdown applied, threatening its economy in a globally connected world.    

Frequent and elongated lockdown in major cities of Australia, primarily Sydney and Melbourne threatening FY22 Q1 and Q2 (likely) with downward growth.

Source: CBA