Why B2B sales deals are refused

Winning and losing are part of any sales process. Every deal and opportunity enriches a sales professional's journey with insights and experience. Learning is a lifelong journey and we learn more from losing deals than winning. It’s important to reflect upon key reasons for refusal leveraging 2nd loop learning, even if we made a reasonable offer and catered for various factors in play. Frustration kicks in easily when negotiations in good faith backed up by a genuine offer fail, hence it requires a new approach to tackle and win. The key to winning is getting a handle on why stakeholders refuse a good or generous proposal. 

Following are the key reasons why deals are refused: 

No Closure was Proposed or Reached - The back and forth nature of negotiations often lead to numerous proposals to sweeten the deal. It is important to put a line in the sand and tell them what is the final proposal to close it, without drawing a closure line, you run on a risky slope and in the process setting up wrong expectations. 
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Didn’t give a Face Saver – it is important to give a face sever to the client because we don’t know who in their hierarchy has said what to their stakeholders for clinching a deal. 

Didn’t Respect their Restrictions – Need to respect clients' constraints and restrictions and show more flexibility in navigating around their environment. 

Couldn’t Justify or Articulate the Value - Sharing and telling a story around the value is important, even if the proposal is sound and covers all aspects.

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