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 Blockspace is best the product of 2020

Blockspace is a space on the blockchain that can be used to store information and run code. Critically, it differs from traditional computing space because the hardware is subordinate to the software, the blockchain code. These systems, when sufficiently decentralized, are more trustable — as in they can make stronger commitments — than ones controlled by centralized parties.

Twitter and Musk - Wealth Creator

“Entrepreneurs create wealth; governments destroy wealth. Ultimately, it’s about division of labor and specialization. Entrepreneurs specialize in creating wealth; governments should specialize in the protection of life, liberty and property; we should devote a part of our time and money to the extent we can in helping others as part of our social responsibility. Entrepreneurs sow the seed corn, we reap most of the harvest. Denying them seed corn will surely mean starvation for us.”
How Leaders Can Focus and Prioritize their Work in a Complex world Sales Reward - Best Practices
Build your sales rewards around the notion of intrinsic motivators. This way you’re not only providing your reps a reward for good performance, you’re validating and encouraging a sense of self that pushes them to excel every day.
Accelerate your Professional Services Sales Revenue 

Set the Stage for Success - You and Your prospect
By preparing both yourself and your prospect, you will open the door for better communication, better use of both of your time, and most importantly, a better meeting outcome that leaves you with the answers you need to deliver a valuable proposal.
Why Closing Deals are becoming more Difficult