How to make Marketing Platforms as Profit Centres

Source:  How to build Profit Centric Marketing 

  • What businesses need is a framework for profit-centric marketing, with profit creators
  • This can only come from existing customers using 5R – 
    • combining retention, 
    • repetition, 
    • referrals, 
    • reactivation (as opposed to reacquisition) 
    • and replenishment (targeted new acquisition) 
  •  This 5R focus needs the 4P framework: 
    •  pipes, 
    •  partitioning, 
    •  properties, 
    •  and prospecting
This transformation will need the third generation of martech platforms: the first generation was about point solutions and the second generation was about full-stack platforms. The third generation will be about platforms that are Web3 powered and enable the tokenisation that marketers need to make XR (and therefore profit-centric marketing) a reality.