Trends from AT&T about Fibre Economics and Data Growth

Key Trends and Message from AT&T Results from Mar 2022

  • Monthly consumption at is accelerating from 900 gigabytes to nearly a terabyte today.
  • We are consuming roughly 30x more data in our homes than we are on the go with our smartphones. 
  • Homes are getting smarter and they're becoming more demanding environments where flawless, high-quality broadband is required. Our home has become a work environment.
  • The average household today has 13 devices, and that's expected to triple by 2025.
  • Enterprises are managing a multi-cloud environment, they require more low latency and secure bandwidth.
  • Fibre is economical and superior therefore consumption over wireless is used for high-value mobile applications. 
  •  IoT connectivity is growing 18% year-over-year. The next wave of digital transformation is being driven by cloud, AI and connected sensors.
  • Data growth is exploding post covid driven by hybrid arrangement, pent-up demand and everything digital.
  • Fibre is not only economical with data demand but is superior, reliable and secure. 

Suggestions for Federal Govt on NBN.
  • Make 250/100 Mbps the minimum speed requirement on the network. Currently, Avg speed in Australia is around <60/20Mbps
  • Waive off the outstanding debt of $27Bn and that will enable NBN to reduce the wholesale price to around $20-$25/month per user
  • Make FTTP to all areas (>93%) where it can be served.
  • These 3 suggestions will drive the green economy and innovation, reduce carbon footprint, will reduce pressure on Citys infrastructure, drive growth in country areas and will drive SMB growth and reach outside Australia.