Telecom Industry Australia - Status Check FY 22

The Telecom sector across the globe has been struggling, with industry performance in the bottom quadrant. 

In Australia, most of them are recovering or heading in the top quadrant driven by the change in demand profile since COVID. 

Most telecom companies Beta < 1 (less volatility).


Telecom Opportunity

  • Key Trends Telecom industry across the globe is recovering from being in decline or stagnant in the last 5-10 years. This recovery is driven by the change in demand profile because of COVID.
  • Since early 2020 demand for digital enabled services like self serve, self care, mobile first, remote work and collaboration has grown by 3-5 times. This has resulted in a spurt in demand for data (x3), high speed internet and mobility. 
  •  Industry's focus has shifted from Revenue Generation to Revenue Protection and Generation. The Customer engagement has shifted to non negotiable CX (intuitive and simplicity), Resiliency and Stickiness.
  • Fulfilment of this demand is enabled by accelerating digital transformation (simplify offerings and services) across the business. 
  • Industry is rapidly adopting technology enablers like Cloud, AI/ML, 5G, IoT, Security, Platform (API) and SD-WAN to fulfil the growing and elastic demand.


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