Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading 

Why Bioscience can change the world

“Eric Schmidt…thinks the next big thing is the “bioeconomy”, not the internet. This catch-all label, Schmidt explained to me at the Aspen Ideas forum last month, describes “the use of biological processes to make use of things that we consume and manufacture… advances in essentially molecular biology… plus advances in AI have allowed us to do new techniques and grow new things.” Helpfully, he listed a few innovations this economy might include: new plastics that naturally degrade without polluting water, “biologically neutral” cement that does not hurt the environment, soil microbes that reduce fertiliser use, soy-based roof-coating that reduces urban heat and, my favourite, compostable dining ware such as edible forks. Put another way, the bioeconomy is based on stuff that is grown using synthetic biology.”

What Students need to learn in school but dont get exposed to or taught:

Dear students, please learn the following in your school days :

  1. public speaking 
  2. writing well 
  3. storytelling (see 1-2) 
  4. personal finance 
  5. critical thinking (not cynicism) 
  6. active listening (hear unsaid) 
  7. networking (trust and giving) 
  8. good customer service 
  9. how to sell 
  10. to fight against entitlement 


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