What NBN Co Needs

 What NBN Co Needs to increase the uptake of high-speed internet - Follow the Kiwi Model

  • Comparing the typical RSP price point between NBN Co and Chorus NZD (Fibre Wholesaler), NBN Co lacks not only price parity and affordability but also the avg speed and higher speed tier simplicity.
  • The new SAU proposal by NBN Co is a good start. Reducing the price by $5 to $10/month on 100 Mbps to 1Gpbs lacks the imagination and will to spur digital growth & intake of high-speed internet. It appears to be shackled by the serviceability of $27 Bn debt for any aggressive pricing & cost relief. 

Open Reach is following a Simpler High-Speed Tiering model with Economical Pricing like Chorus NZD. In terms of Fibre Access type, it is leveraging FTTC, FTTP (Gfast) & EE (10Gbps) for Enterprise. More than 360 Retail Service Providers in play