Weekend Reading

 From 7 Rules of Power: Surprising — but True — Advice on How to Get Things Done and Advance Your Career. His seven rules are: 

  • get out of your own way — that is, 
  • speak with confidence and do not undersell yourself, 
  • break the rules — do the unexpected, 
  • show up in powerful fashion — with conscious body language and actual language, 
  • create a powerful brand, network relentlessly, 
  • use your power — do not be afraid to wield power once you have it, 
  • and finally, remember that “success excuses (almost) everything” — the powerful attract and retain support.” 
When buyers were asked to select their top 5 reasons for choosing the winning vendor over other vendors they considered, the top response was that the winner demonstrated a stronger knowledge of the buyer’s company and its needs (68%). (In fact, lack of knowledge of a company and its needs has separately been cited by buyers as their top deal-killer.) 

Where is my growth going to come from? 
How do I grow now and tomorrow? 
How do I set up my growth engine? 


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