Telecom Engagement Model for Private 5G

Telecom Engagement Model for Private 5G 

Key Message 
  • Private 5G is about transforming business operations and driving new revenue opportunities via the application layer. 
  • Telcos are adopting different engagement & deployment models for Private 5G. 
  • An increase in the footprint across the engagement value chain leads to an increase in the complexity but reduces time to market 
  • Jio in India is heading for end-to-end value chain control 
  • The ecosystem is getting more complex as partners are also competitors.

Edge Continuum

Edge Computing is a decentralised mechanism done at the edge of the network, close to the data source, as opposed to on the cloud or away in data servers. 
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices more and more smart devices connect to the network, hence businesses are facing demanding and diverse data challenges. 
Key Strategies are 
  • Retail – Sell directly to Enterprise 
  • Retail – Sell via Partners like HPS
  • Wholesale - become Wholesale provider

Edge Computing Revenue Model

Telco and Hyperscaler Partnership.