Pathways to Digital Transformation


  • In Business, value can be created by generating more revenue or reducing the cost envelope. In either case, this can be achieved through by transforming the business operations. 
  • Composing and deploying new services with compelling CX is key to driving growth in a digitally enabled business world. Besides enhancing operational efficiency dividend is key to improving the bottom line of the business. 
  • The following pathways are available to achieve this goal: 
    1. 1st transform CX and then Operations - Move from Silos to Integrated Experience and then to Future Ready. 
    2. 1st transform Operations and then CX - Move from Silos to Industrialised Experience and then to Future Ready. M
    3. ove from Silos to Future Ready State directly that is do both transformations in parallel, CX and Operations. This is the most challenging pathway as it requires aligning Business and IT resources in parallel for a desired outcome.        
  • In practice, either path can be followed deepening upon the maturity of digital transformation and how much information can flow without boundaries