How NBN Could be Profitable in FY25

How NBN Could be Profitable in FY25.


  • Losses are booked for the last 6 years and are anticipated to continue until FY24. 
  • Depreciation and Amortisation are a drag on the NPAT and will continue in the $2.9-2.5 Bn range. 
  • WACC will be around >=2.97% 
  • Revenue increase (less idle network) is assumed to be 4-5% YoY. 
  • Cost is anticipated to increase by 5-6% in FY23 and FY24. 

How Govt and NBN can make it profitable:
  • increase the wholesale price via SAU
  • reducing the serviceability of debt (this is now executed where serviceability has been reduced from $1.47 Bn to $0.37 Bn per year)
  • migrating <= 50 Mbps tiered users (78%) to >=100 Mbps high-speed internet,
  • by applying these levers it can book a profit (NPAT) in FY25, even with a 25% idle network. 

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