Salesforce - Under The AI Cloud

 Salesforce - Under The AI Cloud 


  • Marc Known for his mission and marketing mantra, ”The End of Software" Revolutionised the CRM industry by introducing Cloud-based service. 
  • Despite facing tough competition from companies like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, it has emerged as the leader in this field. Today it commands 23% of the Global Market Share.
  • Strategically acquired companies like Tableau, Slack (Data & Analytics) and MuleSoft (PaaS) to build a platform-centric flywheel by integrating CRM and Business System applications.
  • With a Market Cap of US $209Bn and a Robust Economic Moat, it can become a $500Bn company by the end of this decade.

Strategic shift from Competition (MSFT 365, ORCL) to Cooperation (Google, OpenAI)

Risks to AI Ambitions

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