Saturday, May 14, 2005

Infosys - What Dell did to the PC industry

After finishing writing my blog on Google vs Microsoft I bumped onto this post on which has published this article on top 40 technology based business in leading innovations... and surprisingly they had Infosys.
I know about Infosys for two reasons, a) They are one of our competitors in Australia and putting too much pressure on us as our jobs are under threat b) Second reason is I was born and brought up in India, So I know that, as I have grown up seeing this as the leading and one of the best companies to work for in India at least.

According to this article Infosys is going to be Dell in consulting business what Dell is in PC industry today. Some thoughtful thinking for the likes of IBM, Accenture and EDS.


Anonymous said...

interesting, but i was expecting TCS to be on the list. I heard its the biggest of these new breed of outsourcing/consultation companies. Anyways, seeing one of these companies sure gives a good feeling for a while .. even if they are our competitors ... ah! too patriortic .. cant help it :)

Mark Ranford said...

Hi Vishal, like your blog and nice of you to link to me,

On your posting, I agree its nice to see an Indian company on the list breaking the US monopoly. However at the same time I want to qualify this. Lets look inside at ourselves, our own principles, around us at our own organizations, our own hopes, and then outside them at the marketplace of dog eat dog vendors.. the pyramid of consulting firms.. and consider what we would like to REALLY see, and consider what we are likely to see.

Myself, I believe that passion for what you do day in day out isnt just nice, but is vital to a healthy well being and long term success. looking around, I see so many smart people with so much to offer, but who are constrained by the role they are given and prevented from stepping outside - beyond their place in the hierarchy. In the marketplace I see the smae old vendors - with a couple of new faces - at the top of the Pyramid. These players offer mass consulting. ie they believe they can systematically train people, to be the best there is, and then go out and deliver similar solutions to all the worlds clients and problems. A tweak here to the template, a tweak there and - there you go, a nice shiny solution.

Well, I expect that is what the industry will look like for some time, however I do believe eventually it will change, change dramatically. My hopes are that it changes to something better. Today, at the bottom of the consulting Pyramid are literally hundreds of thousands of 1 man or small man bands playing a different tune. These guys offer passion , ingenuity, courage, stamina, experience, innovation, respect, modesty, loyalty, deep skill, expertise & knowledge. They have chosen to leave high paying, high flying jobs and take the hard and risky path of going it alone. They do so because even they know they have a high chance of failure, likely less dosh in the short run, certainly more stress, sweat and tears, they know that in their hearts and souls they will be happier. These people are passionate about what they are doing, they believe in it, it is not just a job it is their dream.

If you were a client who would you choose? a group of relatively inexperienced, template wielding smart MBA grads wready to learn while building your next solution. Or one of these passionate people who know that success or failure depends on the service they deliver every time.

Lets be clear the people taking this path are not just anybody or nobody, we are talking about some of the brightest minds that ever once shined in those big players. I wont name anyone though Im tempted. but the positions they held tells the story. Directors of Division/business units/centers of excellence, CXO's - Chief KM's, LO's, IO's and VP's galore, thats not to suggest that I dont rate all those others who didnt achieve such roles before having the desire to set out on their own. BTW I like your post on the President of India, its very much about dreams, as is this post. The dreams of people to do what they are passionate about rather than just following the factory production consultancy model of the big players.

Today its hard for the little guys to compete. However eventually what they offer will be increasingly recognised, and the big players will start to lose business, not to 1 new player, but to an army of smaller passionate players. The pyramid will flatten, more and more "employees' will see themselves as "entrepreneurs" and the shape of boundaries of business will shift and change.

All the best, Great blog Vishal, keep it up... Mark

Renu Sharma said...

Thanks Mark, your views are more intriguing, learning and well placed in the context.