Sellers from Mars and Buyers from Venus - V

Excerpt from my upcoming book at - "Sellers from Mars and Buyers from Venus - Elements of Nature Meet B2B Sales" 

How a Marketing Manager will engage with others 

B2B Sales Stakeholders and Their Activities

The sales team or a sales representative, engages various internal and external stakeholders, with the intent of growing the business underpinned by positioning a compelling product or a service. The following list gives a good view of various stakeholders engaged by the sales team or a representative.
the internal marketing and corporate strategy team for research, positioning, and pricing 
internal product engineering or service design team 
internal legal service team for defining contractual agreements, terms, and conditions
procurement at the buyer’s end
sponsoring C-level executives like CEO, CFO, CIO, CDO and their team members at buyer’s end
internal HR, legal, quality, security and sales team  
and others like a third-party product or service partner 

These stakeholders will vary with vertical, geography, type and size of a prospective buyer like an SME or a global player. This is not an exhaustive list but highlights the magnitude of complexity and multiplicity involved in executing sales and business development activity. 

With the intent of supporting a sales team or a representative, different activities at each stage of the value chain are executed by various stakeholders, some in parallel and some in sequence. 

Let’s explore how a Marketing Manager will engage in various activities with its stakeholders at the seller's or buyers' end by applying the lens of five elemental attributes.  


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